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Challenge this week: It feels like I’ve been scrolling through seas of floral designs, each unique in their interpretation of the beautiful Ranunculaceae, or buttercup family. Yes, it's been a bit like leafing through pages of a never-ending storybook. It was a process that was as repetitious as it was mesmerizing. Each design whispered its own story, and oh, how difficult it was to judge and find the ones that stood out.

I narrowed it down to two favorites. Firstly, there was "Buttercup Meadow" by Creativeinchi, a dreamy depiction of adorable sheep meandering through buttercup meadows. Creativeinchi brilliantly combined charming imagery with a blend of tranquil greens and sunny yellows so perfectly, I'm daydreaming of transforming this design into a fabulous skirt!

My second pick? "Orange Ranunculus" by Cowpie413. This design is a true celebration of color, as vibrant and lively as a summer festival. It's SO my style and has me eagerly hoping for more colorways in this fantastic design.

Keep blooming, keep designing!

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Version with live links here:  

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