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Challenge of the week: Creating a non-directional wallpaper design! A design that makes sense whichever way you hang it - easy to appreciate, tough to create! As always, my mind has been weaving these patterns into garments, because well, that's just me!

While many designers opted for ditsy style designs, these unfortunately didn't quite stand out as expected on the wallpaper mockup. The miniature details, though charming, became lost in the larger canvas.

But amidst the sea of submissions, one design truly caught my eye - "Abstract Tribal Line Art River Green" by the talented suffakate. This design, with its fascinatingly meandering lines, carries an echo of Keith Haring's distinctive style. The lines dance across the design, a flowing river of creativity, equally compelling whichever way you look at it.

There's something deeply satisfying about its non-directional design - like an endlessly fascinating journey that loops and swirls, but never quite ends. It's a mesmerizing labyrinth of lines and colors that truly captures the essence of this week's challenge.

So here's to all the designers who embraced this challenge - your creativity is boundless, just like the designs you've crafted! And to suffakate - your design has woven a captivating tale, and we can't wait to see what story you'll tell next! 

Until next week! 

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Version with live links here:  


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