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Immerse yourself in the captivating design challenge of the week centered around 'Birds of Prey'. This challenge was designed to be displayed on wallpaper mock-ups, inviting an array of breathtaking visuals that take you to the world of nocturnal owls and majestic predators. Among these, the abstract and stylized designs beckoned me more compellingly than their literal counterparts.

The choice between two spectacular designs became a delightful conundrum.

"Peregrine Falcon Sky Dive," crafted with expertise by Marketa Stengl, swoops in majestically with a harmonious blend of blues and golds, contrasted beautifully with a splash of pink. This illustration is a visual treat that paints a mesmerizing picture of a sky-bound ballet.

On the other hand, we have "4th of July"by Krusidull Design Studio,an adorable marvel that would simply melt hearts. Its cuteness is so irresistible that I am planning to make a t-shirt for the upcoming holiday celebrations.

In conclusion, it's been a wonderful week of artistic exploration. Stay tuned for more enticing design challenges.

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Version with live links here: 

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