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This week's Spoonflower Design Challenge was inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year for 2024, Peach Fuzz.

The designers were given a restricted color palette with Peach Fuzz as the focal hue. My critical strategy for voting in a limited palette or monochrome challenge is to frequently take breaks, allowing one's eyes to rest.

My favorite among the submissions this week, "Fuzzy Peach Plumes" by dancing-rabbit-designs stood out for its fantastic use of the limited palette. The design not only embraces the Peach Fuzz theme but also artistically conveys a sense of 'fuzziness'!

It's noteworthy that there will be a two-week hiatus in the design challenges due to the holiday season. Furthermore, starting in the new year, the challenges will shift to a bi-weekly schedule. I will have to figure out what to fill the gap with during the off weeks.

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