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This week's Spoonflower design challenge had us all drooling with its theme: “Treat Yourself”. Yep, you guessed it—it’s all about those delicious, indulgent treats that make life a little sweeter. 

And wow, did the designers bring their A-game or what? The submissions were like a buffet of creativity—overflowing with an awesome variety of subjects and a kaleidoscope of colors. It was like walking through the world's most artistic and diverse food market!

But you know me, I always have that one design that not only catches my eye but totally captures my heart. This week, it’s “Polka Dots Bananas Classic Blue and Black on Dijon Yellow” by tricia_home_design.

There's just something about that banana motif that’s both whimsical and stylish, and let me tell you, the full repeat of the design?

Chef's kiss! I've decided it's absolutely destined to become a star in one of our new patterns.

Can't wait to make it and, of course, to see what next week's challenge brings. Yes - next week. Since the Spoonflower Challenges are only every 2 weeks, it is throwing me off. So I'm going to do my own little "search challenge" of existing designs.  Stay creative, folks!

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