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A IS FOR...... 4 APR 2024

Hey folks,

So, here’s the scoop: the current every other week rhythm of Spoonflower's Design Challenge just isn't cutting it for me. I’m all about that weekly dose of NEW, discovering fresh designers and stumbling upon new favorite designs. So, I’ve decided to shake things up on my own during those off weeks. My game plan? Launch into my very own mini challenge, searching existing designs.

For my first self-imposed challenge, I kicked things off with a simple "A is for" search on Google, and did it deliver a mixed bag of results: Apple, Athens, Acid, and Alibi (courtesy of a Sue Grafton novel). Armed with these keywords, I dived into Spoonflower, vowing to scour up to ten pages of search results, sorted by relevance, to curate my top twelve designs, and of course, crown my ultimate favorite.

The Spoonflower search tally was eye-opening: Apples were clearly a popular muse with over 10,000 designs, Athens brought up a solid 100, Acid had a surprisingly specific 1233, and Alibi, well, drew a blank with a big fat zero.

This challenge turned out to be a blast! And amidst this eclectic mix, my favorite was this gem from the ACID search - “Street Dance” by monochrome_dog. There’s just something about its vibe that resonated with me and I think it will be great for a garment.

Can’t wait to see what the next random search challenge brings!

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