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In the heat of a relentless NC summer, this week's Spoonflower challenge invites us to cool down and immerse ourselves in the tranquil allure of lake life - a prompt that couldn't have come at a better time. As I find myself yearning for a breath of fresh, cool air, a virtual stroll by a picturesque lake through the medium of fabric design seems like an absolutely splendid idea.

The submissions this week were a vivid mosaic of eclectic, vibrant, and soothing designs, many of which employed a unique overhead perspective. A prominent use of a warm, orangey/clay hue as a highlight across various entries was also a noteworthy trend.

Amongst the stunning spread of designs, one hit both the notes of great design and personal nostalgia: "Willow Lake Swim Club - 14""by shellypenko.

This piece transported me to a time of retro elegance and grace, especially due to its nod to the old-fashioned swim caps adorned with plastic flowers - a trend that, believe it or not, still graces the swimming pools to this day.

It wasn't just the delightful throwback that captivated me, but the harmonious play of colors, the subtle textures, and the vibrant representation of swim suits. This design is nothing short of a visual treat, encapsulating the charm of lake life beautifully.

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