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How is it February already?!?


Our latest challenge has taken us deep into the enchanting realm of the Forest. Personally, there's nothing I enjoy more than a leisurely stroll among the trees (and no, I won't call it a hike). It's fascinating how everyone finds different aspects of the forest biome particularly appealing.

However, I must admit I approached this challenge with a bit of caution, especially after my favorite pick for the Hallway wallpaper challenge turned out to be AI-generated (a big no-no in these challenges). This made me a bit wary of anything too abstract, which is a bummer because I usually adore abstract art.


Despite my reservations, this round had some truly stunning entries. Maybe it's the ex-Californian in me, but I was especially drawn to "Redwoods Revisited"by jmtolman. There's something about the way the repeat pattern comes together that really speaks to me. I can easily envision it making a statement as a feature wall in a snug, inviting room. 

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