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Especially if warned you.

During the Design Challenge held on January 4, may favorite design that garnered my favor was subsequently identified in the comments as potentially AI-generated, as pointed out by the vigilant community member, As a firm advocate for fair play and adherence to Spoonflower's guidelines, which explicitly prohibit the submission of AI-generated designs, this situation naturally raised concerns.

It was indeed confirmed that the design in question was AI-generated, leading to its rightful disqualification by Spoonflower. reports that this incident was not an isolated case for the designer involved. Consequently, in line with my commitment to supporting original and rule-abiding creators, I have decided to exclude this designer from my future purchases. Yes, I have a DO NOY BUY list.

Following has offered invaluable insights into identifying AI-generated designs, and I extend my highest recommendation to others to benefit from their expertise. FOLOW THEM.

I would like to extend my sincere apologies to anyone who may have been influenced by my initial endorsement of the now-disqualified design. I am sorry.