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Hey fabric fanatics!

This week’s “D is For…” challenge on Create-Everyday has taken us on a delightful design dive with some pretty darn cute contenders: donut, duck, dinosaur, and dog. Let’s just say, our search did not disappoint!

Here’s the scoop from Spoonflower: Donuts rolled in with a sweet 6164 designs, ducks quacked up a storm with over 10,000, dinosaurs roared into the same high range, and of course, dogs fetched a tail-wagging 10,000+ results. As per usual, I scoured the first 10 pages sorted by the most relevant hits.

Among these, the “dog donuts – pine” design by littlearrowdesign was just too adorable for words—a perfect little mashup that combines puppies and pastries. What’s not to love?

Diving deeper into the "dog" category, I stumbled upon Petfriendlyand their ridiculously charming "corgi in library" design. Seriously, if you’re all about dogs and want to see your favorite pooch in pajamas, chilling with books, or donning party hats, Petfriendly has got you covered with their superbly organized collections.

Choosing my top favorite was tougher than deciding on a favorite ice cream flavor at a new parlor. One minute I thought I had it; the next, another design caught my eye. But after much deliberation, “coffee donuts & percolator” by kellygilleran was the one. It’s got this awesome retro vibe with cool colors and a spot-on repeat that just screams vintage chic.

Oh, and heads up—Spoonflower’s got a sale going on right now: 40% off fat quarters and up to 20% off other fabrics, all good until May 18, 2024. Perfect timing to snag some of these fabulous finds!

Next week is the Vintage Glamour design challenge at Spoonflower - can’t wait! Stay creative, everyone!

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