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Throwback Thursday: Laura's Wedding Dress Adventure

I'm jumping on the Throwback Thursday bandwagon and this one is about my own wedding dress.

I was determined not to make my wedding dress. You won't believe the shopping marathon I went on, trying to find the perfect dress. I had this specific image in my head: a white dress, full skirt, tea-length – nothing too over the top. We were going for a simple vibe at the Magistrate’s in Virginia, nothing too formal.

Despite all the hunting, nothing. So, I took a deep breath and decided to take matters into my own hands. Off I went to Cloth World (yep, this was before Joann’s bought them and all the others) and I found this awesome white matte fabric with these white satin stripes.

The pattern was kind of a mashup of a couple of different patterns and I don't remember what the main pattern was, pretty sure it was Vogue. Before I dived into making the final piece, I whipped up a wearable toile. 

I wore it for a bridal shower and the "rehearsal dinner" (just dinner, no rehearsal). It was a simple cotton print with cute white eyelet trim, and I ditched the sleeves. Sorry for the lack of head, but this was the best pic of the dress.

The final dress? I loved it. And we continue to celebrate the day - 43 years later.

I even got to wear it again for our yearly photoshoot. Oh, and just a little side note – our dog, Jason, always totally outshined everyone in photos. He’s was just the best at striking a pose!