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A Fantastic Thing Happened - Thank You "Inside the Hem"

A fantastic wake up call was delivered to me this morning. Noticing an uptick in orders, I asked one of the customers where she had heard of us. That led me to here:

Inside the Hem: Sewing Cake Patterns: First Impression Review

This is a review of the site and patterns. The wake up call was how much I had neglected the site and letting you know what I was working on for it and the future of Cake. Let me start addressing the questions.

We Moved

First: Not a tiny, little pattern company in Valencia any more. Still tiny, but we have moved to North Carolina, just outside Charlotte. Still not unpacked completely, but getting there.

Pattern Info

I will go through and make sure that the information on each pattern is complete. Today.

On the grid/dot system. I will write a separate blog on this and include the link in the pattern descriptions. This system really helps people fine tune the fit.

The Shell Patterns

Yes, the Shell patterns are alike. Yes, the right thing is to combine them. Done. Anyone who has previously purchased one, now has them all. Get yours here:


What is a Wave Tuck Waistband (Urchin Skirt and Shorts)?

This is such a great detail, tucks are made in the fabric and then sewn in opposite directions into the skirt and inner waistband creating a wave affect.


Yeah - not much there. Sorry. Will try and do better, especially in letting you know what is going on. We are also on Facebook and do a little better there. But yes, we need to keep up.

For the Future

We are in the process of re-drafting the patterns for extended sizes and consistency. At the same time we are rewriting the instructions, extending them and adding illustrations. We are creating multiple PDF versions to accommodate different paper sizes and will again offer paper patterns. As we do this, some needed additions and changes:

Tiramisu - will get sleeves.

Espresso - pieces for both 2 way and 4 way stretch, waistband options

Cocoa - changes to the facings and drafted for wovens.

The LoriAnne patterns are also undergoing changes.

If you have any suggestions for changes to the other patterns, please send them onto

Thank you all very much for your support!