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WHAT I BOUGHT - Just Because

A long time ago, I was at a sewing show, in Minneapolis I think. And I got to attend a session with Nancy Zieman. I was a big Sewing with Nancy fan and loved how she was so much like her on screen persona, calm and deliberite. In the Q&A, someone asked what pattern her blouse was and she relied that is was JC Penny. She smiled and said "Even Julia Child went out to dinner". It stuck with me.

Home Decor is on sale this week at Spoonflower and I am tired of waiting for ME to make a new bed cover. It was easy just to close my eyes and think about all the fabrics I had been looking at, but one stood out as the choice for the duvet cover. My bedroom is my cave to retreat to (with Mr G and the dog) all cool colors and low light. Spellstone's Moonleaf is what I picked. Can't wait the get it.

Find Moonleaf here Moonleaf