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The stage was set for celestial inspiration with this week's Spoonflower Design Challenge, "Look Up at the Sky." True to expectation, the competition was replete with an array of clouds, stars, and celestial bodies. A perfect opportunity to shop, had the sheets been on sale, as I'm currently on the lookout.

However, the choice of a sheet set for the design preview posed a challenge for the more intricate, smaller designs, making them a tad difficult to discern. Nonetheless, it proved a boon for bold, graphic designs, allowing them to shine. An added advantage was the ability to visualize the pattern repeat right in the preview, making my job a tad easier.

Among a stellar line-up of designs, "The Swirling Skies Above" by michelle_hunt_studio was the one that captured my heart. The hypnotic swirls of cool blues and lilacs contrasted beautifully with bursts of vivid yellows and oranges, creating a sky-themed spectacle that truly stood out. 

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Version with live links here:  

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