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Spooky Season Begins: The 'Monster Mash' Design Challenge

No sooner have we put away our 4th of July decorations (here in the US), the calendars flip and we find ourselves eagerly peering into the shadowy corners of Spooky Season. 

The Spoonflower Design Challenge couldn't resist joining in the chilling festivities. This week's prompt, "Monster Mash," beckoned our creative community to unleash their most hauntingly creative monsters.

My penchant leans more towards the spooky and unsettling rather than the cutesy, this challenge offered an eclectic range of designs to send a delightful shiver down your spine. From the adorably eerie to the downright spine-chilling, the assortment was truly spellbinding.

Anxiety over "Am I voting for AI?" did flicker through my mind, especially when I came across the plethora of designs identified by, originating with MidJourney. But ultimately, I set my apprehensions aside to focus on the artwork in front of me.

Choosing my top 12 was no less than a daunting task, but after a great deal of thought, my top vote goes to the eeriest of them all - "Creepy Carnival Clowns" by rocarrstudio.

Just as the name suggests, this design features an unnerving ensemble of grotesque clowns, each one meticulously crafted. The group, as a whole, delivers a jarring impact. While I might not be quick to hang this in my closet, there's no denying the masterful creativity behind this ghastly design.

That's all for this week's thrilling ride. Remember, Halloween is just beginning. Brace yourselves for more hauntingly fabulous designs to come! 

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Version with live links here:  

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