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Accidental Magic: When Fabric Choices Serendipitously Align

Every so often, the universe throws a delightful curveball our way. For creatives, it could be in the form of an unexpected burst of inspiration or a chance encounter that turns out to be the missing puzzle piece. In my recent Spoonflower haul, I experienced one such serendipitous moment.

Spoonflower's fill-a-yard feature is nothing short of genius. It allows us to select multiple designs, filling a yard of fabric with assorted patterns. I often use this feature to get a preview different designs before committing to larger pieces. However, this time, an unintended marvel occurred.

Two distinct swatches, which I hadn’t planned to pair, ended up side by side. "Arizona Buttercups" by vagabond_folk_art and "Teal Turtle Art Deco"by bold_and_brash.  And a new idea has sprung up in my head.

So, here's a toast to happy accidents and the unpredictable nature of creativity. 

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@boldandbrashdesigns @vagabond_folk_artz