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A Delightful Fabric Discovery: My Experience with Kiki Textiles

Recently, I shopped at Kiki Textiles, a name that kept appearing across my social media feeds, particularly on Instagram and Facebook. There was a particular fabric showcased in their advertisements that caught my attention, being blue, silver and sparkling! To my delight, the fabric was not only available but seemed like it was waiting just for me.

The fabric that caught my eye was the Silver Blue Embroidered Wave Design Sequins on Velvet. It's a fabric that exudes luxury with its soft texture and dazzling sparkle. The website's detailed imagery and videos provided an excellent representation of the fabric’s quality, making me feel confident in my purchase. One minor point, the fabric is listed at 58 inches wide, and you can see that there is a border on the video, 

In real life, the border is 5.5" on one side and 4.5" on the other side, the sequined portion is 48" wide. The velvet is lovely and I will be using it. It would make great facings, bands, bias trim, etc. Priced at $23.50 ($19.98 with a 15% discount), it felt like an irresistible offer.

After the sequins were added to my cart, the Royal Blue Glitter Pearl Tulle was recommended by the site, and it immediately sparked an idea for a project. True to its online portrayal, the fabric was equally stunning in person. Notably, Kiki Textilestook great care in packaging, ensuring the glitter from this fabric didn’t transfer to other fabrics in my order. This attention to detail was much appreciated, especially at its 15% discounted price of $11.89. (regularly $13.99)

However, not everything went as planned. One of my chosen fabrics was out of stock, but Kiki Textilespromptly reached out with alternative options. I selected the Teal Pleated Stretch Knit instead, which proved to be a serendipitous choice.

The fabric was even more beautiful in person than on the website, with a soft texture and appealing raw edge that inspired me to revise my original design. Priced at $12.99 ($11.04 with a 15% discount), it was an excellent value.

The overall shopping experience was enhanced by Kiki Textiles' pricing and shipping policies. The value for the price paid was exceptional, and the offer of free shipping for orders over $89 was a welcome bonus. My order was shipped the next day, further evidence of their commitment to customer satisfaction.

My first order with Kiki Textiles was a resounding success. Their wide range of beautiful fabrics, coupled with thoughtful customer service, has made me a returning customer. I highly recommend Kiki Textiles to anyone in search of high-quality fabrics at great prices.

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