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LoriAnne Pattern Collection: This line of classic was acquired by Create-Everyday in April 2018. Still available in the original paper patterns, the designs are being re-engineered and added to City Clothes and Sewing Cake Patterns.


Today we are proud to launch the new generation of Sewing Cake Patterns with the release of new versions of The Tee, Epresso Leggings and the Tiramisu Dress.

Why Did Sewing Cake Change?

  • We want to provide a broader range of sizes.
  • We want to give you better instructions.
  • We want to give you more information to customize your size.

What Changed?

  • Each pattern has been redrafted for the Create-Everyday sizing.
  • The lines of the pattern pieces have been walked for accuracy and samples sewn in a variety of sizes to insure that we got it right.
  • The pattern sizes are now color coded lines.
  • The PDFs have been recreated in US Letter, A4 and A0.

Sewing Cake Patterns: a beginner friendly, knit-centric line of patterns, Sewing Cake has been around since 2013. A Brian child of Steph C, it was aquifer by Create-Everyday in August of 2017 when she went on to do other things. Thee idea for Create-Everyday’s pattern system was developed from Sewing Cake’s custom sizing system. New patterns are being added and old patterns are being re-engineered. All are sweet treats.

We do know that some of you don't need any more instructions, so for you, and those who have made the pattern before, we have a quick-start guide. This is kind of a flow chart for how we think the pattern goes together.

What Now? **

If you have a PDF version on record with t enew site, you have received links to the new version(s). Print page 1 for your table of contents. If you purchased a paper version of the pattern, a PDF version has been added to your account free of charge so you can receive the new version in PDF.

I Don't Know

We can see you know, head tilted to the side and a skeptical look on your face. Try It. The Tee is still free. Take a look and....


We have gottern great feedback from you and really hope you will continue. Each pattern has an FAQ page so we can immediately post and questions or problems. Here are the links for The Tee, Espresso Leggings and the Triamisu.

This week there will be blogs on each new pattern, so stay tuned!

And thank you SOOOO much for supporting Sewing Cake!