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A Tale of Fast Fashion Becoming Semi Handmade

I saw a pair of overalls – online somewhere – and I thought they were cute but had the thought we sewists and creators always do: I can make that. I was busy and the overalls were only $25 including shipping. I bought them.

I LOVED them! – I felt great wearing them – And then I didn’t.

They had a dropped crotch that I just couldn’t get used to. Easy-Peasy; there was more than enough fabric to bring the crotch up to a more traditional depth. And while I’m here, lets shorten them to just below the knee.

And I LOVED them again! – I felt great wearing them – And them I didn’t.

The artistic rips, particularly near the knees started making me leave the overalls in the closet. So out comes the embroidery floss and a piece of batik (just in time for a #30DayBoroChallenge suggested by Diane Ericson) on Facebook. A few hours in front of the TV with no plan and…


I LOVE them again – for good this time.