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In this week's Spoonflower Design Challenge, the focus was on calendar wall hangings and tea towels. From a garment fabric perspective, I consistently seek designs that can seamlessly transition as panels or potentially as standalone yardage without the embedded calendar. Given this criterion, one might presume the options to be somewhat restrictive. However, the designers consistently surpass expectations with their innovative creations.

Making a selection is invariably challenging, and this week was no exception. In the category of "most suited for yardage," the design "Bloom & Thrive"by pezzzledsign particularly stood out.


The intricate red floral patterns juxtaposed against a deep, royal blue make it an ideal choice for sophisticated apparel such as a skirt or dress.

On the other hand, under the "optimal for panel integration," the "Toucan Watercolor" by tati_karpas_patterns merits special mention.


The strategic positioning of the toucan on the panel's edge presents an opportunity for a refined integration into a jacket seam, further enriched by the harmonious color palette.

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Version with live links here: @dalightdesign

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