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We were in sync for five of the top seventy five (#1, #20, #40, #49, #60) - not bad at all. The Toucan Party  by Mulberry Tree (#40) is already in my cart (there is a 20% off sale!). Joining it, a bit of Seafoam Shoresby Typewise What Not Shop.

This week - snakes. I have a friend who has changed my attitude about snakes. Now, I'm much more 'Keep calm - Its Only a Snake' (yes, it was on a t-shirt I bought her). Alrighty - down the snake aisle at the virtual fabric store and we got:


I discovered as I strolled/scrolled that the snake's head had a lot to do with whether, in the end, I liked a design. Comic eyes or the snake looking somewhere other than AT ME, helped the appeal of the designs for me.

Snake Love by Creativeinchiis my fav.

I also kept coming back to Adder by L Lindstrom. It was giving me 'Alien' xenomorph feels. 

Version with live links

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