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Sweet dreams are indeed made of these! This week, we delved deep into the realm of nocturnal bliss with the latest challenge: Sweet Dreams designed for bedding. The creative minds were set to work, crafting enchanting designs that would whisk you off to the land of dreams. The designs were flooded with whimsical moons, radiant stars, and gentle whales, creating a panorama of dreamscapes that seemed to come straight out of a fairy tale.

As I scrolled through the stunning submissions, I could almost hear the ethereal rhythm of Eurythmics' 'Sweet Dreams' playing softly in the background. 

However, amidst this constellation of creativity, one design stood out for me - "Dreamy Cityscape" by balabolka. 

Great design in the repeat as well.

But wait, there was one more design that deserves a special mention - "Cloudy Float_Pink Dreams" by arrie_digital_arts.

The simple preview of this design had piqued my interest and upon clicking, I was met with a beautiful surprise.

The full repeat of the design is a stunning visual treat.


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Version with live links here:

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